Case Study: Fox Den Interiors & Gifts


Length: 53'
Height: 13' 6"
Width:  8' 6" 

Case Study: Fox Den Interiors & Gifts

On sunny days at horse shows throughout the south, John Hinkle and Bob Bruce could be found under the tents of their traveling store, Fox Den Interiors & Gifts, selling equestrian-themed products to throngs of horse-loving fans. But, every time the rains came, Hinkle and Bruce could be spotted darting from their tents to their stock trailer, racing to save their inventory from ruin.That was then. A mobile showroom built by Kentucky Trailer is the now - "Beyond the shadow of doubt, this was the smartest investment we've ever made," says Hinkle. "We are able to carry a better line of product. With tents, the risk of loss was a reality and a high price to pay." Fox Den's brick-and-mortar home is in Nashville, Tennessee, where Hinkle and Bruce looked to a local trailer dealer to research the used market. A small budget afforded them a ten-year-old model that admittedly "needed a little work." The dealership referred the impassioned pair to Kentucky Trailer. Kentucky Trailer transformed the "broken-in" unit to a like-new model by installing new body panels, refinishing the oak floors and hanging wallboard with a grid of interlocking shelves. The black drop ceiling was hung above lit displays , and a 3-ton HVAC unit was added to cool shoppers. Kentucky Trailer completed the exterior with graphics, a sound system, and an awning. "Finding the used trailer took us six months, so by the time it got to the shop, we were in a real rush," Hinkle said. "The make-over was quick and on- budget. But the best part was the continued service after delivery. The guys at Kentucky Trailer even came to our winter show in Florida so they could make any last-minute adjustments we needed."

The sales impact of going from pop-up tents to a 53-foot, fully enclosed mobile showroom exceeded John Hinkle's and Bob Bruce's wildest expectations. The highly sought-after trailer affords Fox Den the luxury of booking their tours with stops scheduled by invitation only. Fox Den Interiors & Gifts plans to build a double-expandable Kentucky Trailer in the coming year to nearly triple the floor space of the current mobile showroom.

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