Case Study: Ciena's Debut Tour

Case Study: Ciena's Debut Tour

With a rolling, living network environment that touts live demos, tailored presentations and interactive discussions, Ciena takes the future of communications directly to their customers. As its FutureLab toured North America and Canada from May to October 2013, Ciena was to host more than 1,500 executives and engineers over a series of 65 events in 29 states.

With a tough audience to impress, the FutureLab experience has to be top notch. Innovative technology is not only what Ciena is selling in its tour, it’s a big part ofthe story behind the mobile exhibit itself. In fact, the trailer is outfitted with wirelessly operated electric-over-hydraulic systems that include the latest innovations in custom automation so that all on-board technology systems can be managed through a handheld wireless tablet.

Every inch of the exhibit is carefully and thoughtfully designed to deliver an optimal customer experience, extend Ciena’s brand, and easily transition to a co-branding environment for select service provider partners. Customers enter the two-story, triple-expandable 53’ Sky View trailer from Kentucky Trailer Technologies through a dramatic clam-shelled double glass door. Once inside the reception area, guests check in on an iPad that has been customized with information for that event. After the event, information about the event attendees is shared immediately with the sales team for prompt follow up.

The main level of the KTT trailer features a 92” four-screen video wall for welcome messages and product demos, as well as a custom rack system where Ciena equipment is easily switched out to feature product solution demos that are most relevant to the attendees. The racks feature 24 pieces of functioning network intelligence equipment configured to support live networking demos and customized content. A Plexiglas door around each rack further showcases Ciena’s products. In between each rack, a 19” monitor and customized branding panels provide more product information and customer-specific solutions that similarly can be easily and cost-effectively changed for each partner event.

For the comfort of Ciena’s guests and to support hospitality that encourages greater interaction and dialogue about business solutions, the trailer also features a retractable awning, a full-service kitchenette and a private restroom.

Upstairs, a lounge area offers guests a 55” screen for learning and sharing presentations,while the 17’ private conference room provides comfortable seating for up to eight clients and account executives to discuss solutions to key business challenges. Inside the conference room, another 70” screen with a motorized lift is built into the cabinetry and used for live presentations and virtual consultations with subject matter experts located at Ciena headquarters.

Materials throughout the mobile exhibit are consistent with Ciena’s Executive Briefing Center in Hanover, MD, and achieve the right mix of comfort and style for a cutting-edge and trustworthy business environment. Amenities include Ciena red Corian countertops, stainless steel appliances, comfortable leather seating, white cabinetry and walls, directional LED lighting and a combination of dark toned wood and carpeting.
1. Engage decision makers and key influencers from a diverse customer base including enterprise clients,government agencies and service providers, to demonstrate that Ciena’s network intelligence is the most innovative and dynamic on the market today.

2. Deliver information about Cienasolutions in a targeted, co-branded environment to effectively convey to customers of strategic partners and service provider clients, the competitive advantage of its unique service platform.

3. Take the future of communications to the customer and create customized client experiences that are second-to-none in a state-of-the-art exhibit showcasing Ciena’s network intelligence solutions in real time, every time.

As a leading network technology company, Ciena is well known for its customer-oriented events and programs, and works hard to cut through the clutter in order to engage its target audience. Because of the challenges associated with reaching decision-makers and demonstrating a technology product, Ciena’s marketing efforts over the last several years included a mobile exhibit. Then, in late 2012 Ciena partnered with mobile marketing experts Kentucky Trailer Technologies to create, from the ground up, a new exhibit experience. The result has been nothing short of spectacular. Through thoughtful design, strategic material choices,and use of the latest automation technology, Ciena cut set-up and tear down timeby almost 50 percent. Strategic design decisions also enhanced Ciena’s ability to easily and cost-effectively transition to a co-brand environment that supports its partner programs. But most impressive is just how much telecommunication innovation is packed into the 1,000 square feet that is the Ciena FutureLab.
Ciena’s new FutureLab mobile exhibit, with a live networking environment, was well received by customers across North America. Key results of the 2013 tour include:

  • Engaged 1,500 network decision-makers and key influencers in 65 tour events across the country from May – October.
  • Effectively supported partner events at 80% of the tour stops, presenting a co-branded environment and unique experience for partner clients.
  • Delivered up to 300 custom live network configurations across a set of eight core product demos, tailoring the mobile exhibit experience to each customer audience.

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