We invest in our associates who build and service our products. 
Kentucky Trailer.  What We Make Matters

It takes high-caliber people to do what we do, and the investments we make in our team pay dividends in the products and services we provide to our customers. We value and respect our employees and their families because inspired people do inspiring work. When you serve industries ranging from the medical field to national defense and moving personal and family belongings, there is no room for compromise.

A job at Kentucky Trailer is more than a paycheck. It is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally in an environment that encourages contributions from every member of the team. Our employees are challenged each day, mentally and physically. They understand what is expected of them and what our customers expect from our products. We empower them to propose new solutions, expand their skill sets and advance in the company.

Kentucky Trailer believes in strengthening tomorrow's modern manufacturing leaders. We encourage people of all ages who want to pursue a successful career to contact Kentucky Trailer.

Join Kentucky Trailer and experience our company benefits:

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