United Imaging Procures AMST-Designed Units for High-End CT Scanners

HOUSTON — March 31, 2020 — United Imaging, a global leader in advanced medical imaging and radiotherapy equipment, is preparing to deploy readily transportable CT scanners in the United States to help in the fight against COVID-19, said a company spokesperson. United Imaging began working on new solutions for the U.S. after seeing the demands placed on its teams in China and Europe. Even while some debate how CT will be used for COVID-19 patients in this country, the company is prepared.

United Imaging procured some of the new units from Chicago-area AMST. “We reviewed a number of options but found that AMST had not only the right solution but also the agility to move at our speed. We’re offering our customers these high-end CT scanners in AMST- designed units with special infection-control features. That aligns with our company’s mission of better access to healthcare for more people,” said David Bradley.

AMST developed this unique solution in partnership with United Imaging. “We were excited when United Imaging approached us with this opportunity to work together. Our teams worked closely to take this from concept to product in a very short time,” commented Bob Bachman, AMST senior vice president. “We expect this solution to be very powerful for healthcare providers and their patients, so we’re making it available to any other imaging providers as well.”

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