Case Study: Kenworth Truck Company

Case Study: Kenworth Truck Company

The primary objective of this tour trailer was to promote Kenworth's New Product Generation (NPG) T-680 Truck. This unique visual aid gave customers a chance to see the history of the company from the beginning, how the product is assembled at the plant,how fuel efficiency is obtained through aerodynamics, different accessories available to customize to the customers specs.


Large Trucking Companies,Leasing Companies, Exhisting Customers,Independent Owner/Operators ,Etc.


With the help of Kentucky Trailers and EEI Global,a mobile expandable trailer was manufactured to allow a large number of customers to view features and highlights of the new product in a short period of time at each stop.By my presence at 98% of the tour stops, I was able to witness the "1st Impression" as customers stepped through the doors. Their response was usually "Wow" "Awesome" "Never Seen Anything Like this Before". The combination of large video monitors and " Hands On" exhibits, proved to be a major marketing tool in the introduction of Kenworth's T680.

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