Photo of Flooring Options.jpg

  • Every Kentucky Trailer comes equipped with the flooring material of your choice. From hand-finished hardwoods to aluminum, the floors in our trailers are built to be durable & practical to your application.
Photo of Translucent Roof Panels.jpg

  • Natural lighting is an efficient and easy way to light your trailer.  Aluminum roofs are also available.
Photo of Side Doors.jpg

  • We offer the most unique door design in the industry.  Our doors are made with aluminum frames, replaceable vinyl seals, flush door locks and are available in various quantities, sizes and locations.
Photo of Storage Boxes.jpg

  • Need just a little more storage on your trailer?  Our side boxes provide up to 200 additional cubic feet of capacity.
Photo of Stainless Steel Handle2.JPG

  • A standard recessed handle allows for easy opening and closing.  A Stainless Steel construction adds additional durability and great looks.
Photo of Lighting.jpg

  • Additional trailer lights increase safety and visibility.  Choose a lighting package that fits your needs and consider including additional options, such as rear door oval lighting.
Photo of ABS and PSI Systems.jpg

  • Every axle that leaves our plant comes standard with an ABS system, which improves safety and handling and helps reduce tire wear from skidding.  Our one of a kind PSI system allows you to easily control and monitor your tire pressure.
Photo of Shock Straps.jpg

  • Shock restraints help to reduce wear and tear on your trailer by keeping your shocks from overextending.
Photo of Drop Frames.jpg

  • The Kentucky Trailer drop frame allows you to carry more cargo on every trip.  They are available in all sizes and custom fitted to your application.
Photo of Recessed Aluminum Nose Boxes.jpg

  • The trailer’s glad-hands are used almost every day.  That is why Kentucky Trailer pays special attention to our standard, long lasting, recessed aluminum nose boxes.  Standard recessed glad-hands and a quick release makes hooking up a breeze.

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